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Asphalt Tank Semi-trailer

Asphalt Tank Semi-trailer
Model: HZZ9290GYY
Function: Transport the Asphalt
Materials: Carbon steel
Payment Terms : L/C,D/A,T/T
Detalles del producto
Asphalt tank semi-trailer series mainly used for transportation and storage of asphalt, widely
used in various transportation units, trucking companies, and other industries.

A. Tank:


Standard Configuration

Tank Material:

Carbon steel Q345

Shell Body

5 mm nominal thickness


6 mm nominal thickness


3mm nominal thick, wave shape, 4 pieces, with Ø 500mm service port

Tank Shape

Resembled Ellipse Shape


Full capacity 25000L

Transport medium


Tank paint

Carbon steel tank: with 1 antirust, 1 base coat and 1 finishing coat. The color is black. It also can be customized.

Testing Pressure

36kPa, Water pressure test

B.Tank Fittings:


Standard Configuration

Top inlet port

1 piece

Manhole Cover

Carbon steel

♦Safety breathing valve

1 piece

Main Configuration of Heating System

1. Bitumen pump, Drive motor:11KW

2. Heat pump, Drive motor:1.5KW

3. Burner(2pieces), With transformer and temperature controller

4. Burning fire tube, Heat oil tank, Coil pipe and valve, Bitumen valve and pipeline.

♦ Power supply mode

External power supply or use Generator

♦ Unloading port:

It fixed at each rear side of tank, the size is DN100 (4 inches).

Pipe box:

It made of plastic, round shape which on the both sides of tank.

Anti – Static System:

Static electricity plate, copper plate and earth cable reel

C. Tank Accessories:


Standard Configuration


Stainless Steel ladder at front of tank

Walkway Platform:

Barrel top with anti – skid surface treatment.


It fixed at top of tank.

Fire Extinguisher Housing:

2 units, suitable for 4 kg’s fire extinguisher, installed at rear of vehicle

♦ Tank insulation

With 50mm Siliceous aluminous fiber cotton as insulated layer, Tank surface made of color plate(0.6mm).

♦ Tool box


D. Trailer Construction & Fixture:


Standard Configuration

Trailer Deadload:

About 8600 kgs

Pay load:

About 24000 kgs

Trailer Chassis:

Carbon Steel/Q345

Axles & Suspension System:

2– Axles, FUWA Axle (13T), Leaf spring suspension system

♦ ABS system


Landing Gear:

JOST Brand, Fixed to main frame, at both sides of the trailerg.


2’’ or 3.5(50# or 90#JOST) Kingpin fixed to #3 High Tensile Steel Plate.

Braking system:

Two-ways air brake (drum) system, with inter-locking device.

Park Brake:

Drum, exhaust air operate parking system.

Electrical System:

24 Volt electrical system in accordance to Chinese standard, with 7 pin adaptor for trator

Electrical Wiring:

Heat insulation cable


Accordance to China’s Standard requirement

Side Fender:

Steel, Manufacturer’s standard design.

Rear Bumper:

Steel, Manufacturer’s standard design.

Mud guard:

Plastic, Manufacturer’s Standard design.

Tire holder:

2 unit, manual operate spare tire holder

Tyre Rim:

Steel Rim


11.00R20 (Double Coin Brand) Steelwire tyre(8 pieces)

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