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Tank container

Tank container
Model: TANK2200
Function: Transport fluid media
Materials: Stainless steel 316L-2B
Type: Insulation tank
Tank capacity: 22000 liters
Payment Terms : L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram
Detalles del producto
The Tank Container designed in according with ISO international standard, accord with national shipping import/export standard. Can affordable much more kilograms which compare with the traditional single barrel. The production has such advantages as: light deadweight, widely-range loading, long service life, easy clean and maintenance.

Technical Introductions:

1. Tank Container

Outer Dimensions

Length (mm)


Width (mm)


Height (mm)


Storage materials

Corrosive Media

Main materials

Stainless steel 316L-2B

Prism materials

Carbon steel Q345D

Container lock

4 pieces

20" Tank :


Stainless steel 316L-2B

Shell Body

5 mm nominal thickness


6 mm nominal thickness


One piece, wave shaped buffer plate, 5mm nominal thickness

Tank shape


Tank Diameter (mm)


Total Tank Length (mm)






Shell Finish

Two base coat for anti-rusting painting, shell finish as glass reinforced plastics material. Tank color is pure white(RAL9010). Frame color is red (RAL3020)

Testing Pressure

4 Bar, Water pressure test

Working Pressure

2 Bar

Design Temperature


Tank Fittings:

Top inlet port

One 3'' inlet port, with valve

Airline ball valve

Stainless steel, one piece

Manhole Cover

Stainless steel, two 20'' manlid (test pressure: 6 bar)

Safety valve

One, 65mm flange type safety relief valve (can afford 0.21-4.55bar)

Outlet port

One piece, fixed at rear of tank, the size is DN80, with a foot valve (stainless steel, 3 inches) and quick-plug connections

Discharge Valve

3" 45° (3 serial) foot valve (stainless steel)

Bottom Heating Device

Bottom heating by U-type convexity groove, thickness of bottom heating device is 50mm


One thermometer, which fixed at rear of tank

Pressure gauge


Insulating materials and shell

With 50mm polyurethane as insulated layer, with glass reinforced plastics shell

Walkway Platform

Barrel top with anti - skid surface treatment

Pipe box and Discharge pipe

It made of PVC material. Two round shape boxes on both sides of tank, together with two acid and alkali resistant pipes (5m/each). Color is red (RAL3020)

Welding Qualified Detection

Welding Test

X-Ray (RT) Testing

Test Standard

JB/T 4730.2-2005

Qualified Level

Level II

Inspect Ratio


Standard Correspondence

Manufacture Accordance

According to JB/T 4782-2007 Liquid Dangerous Goods Tank Container

Inspection Accordance

According to JB/T 4782-2007 Liquid Dangerous Goods Tank Container

Material Accordance

According to GB4237-1992

Welding Accordance

According to NB47015-2011

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